Anonymous asked: "miss your blog mate xxx"

im gonna try and start w it again!!

kickthejc asked: "How long hav u been part of the family? (1D fam) ily xx"

about 2 and a half years!!

Anonymous asked: "Are You a fan of the wanted?"

not at all

hi guys

i was just reading my tag, 1directionbandfacts, and there are a few really cute posts and i just wanted to let you guys know that i really appreciate things like that!! despite me not particularly being active on here, getting positive feedback on this blog still brightens my day a lot and it means so much.

i’m still on this blog, since it is a sideblog to mine and i can always check what’s going, but i just don’t post. but don’t ever hesitate to talk to me or ask questions and whatnot!

Anonymous asked: "hi! i just wanted to remind you of how wonderful you are and how much you matter! i'm so glad you're alive! have a beautiful day :)"

you are so amazing i love u

zaynsluckyundies asked: "Do you have an instagram? Love ~Julia"

yes!!! its kristen.png