smileandlaughuntillithurts asked: "I love your blog so much!!! I just spend two days looking through your whole blog, reading everything! thank you!!! <3"

aw! i’m glad you like it dear <3

our1directionworld asked: "What do you have for interst now? Do you have another tumblr? Which in that case? Cuz I love your work :)"

i do! is my main. but i’ve been on my 5sos one more :)

Anonymous asked: "I understand but I really miss ur blog nd ily so it's okay:-)"

ily2 :)

Anonymous asked: "Hi thee I just wanted to say I hope you have a great day/night and all and that I hope you're happy with everything you do ^.^"

aw thank you you’re lovely. same for you darling <3

our1directionworld asked: "Why aren't you online any more? I miss you alot. And when I have post all your photos what am I gonna do then? Please come back :) <3 xxx"

i just don’t have interest anymore! :(

lawcoffeesleep asked: "Hey) so, we are practically neighbours, but I live in Latvia))"

but i live in america um

tears-and-laughs asked: "I miss your blog :( please be online more"

im online a lot, just not on this blog. :(

goldenmonkeys asked: "Hello! How are you? I miss this blog"

hi! i’m okay. and aw im sorry

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