obeylena asked: "your blog is perf.k."

you’re perfect. k. :)

- Kristen xx

lougramm-stagram-deactivated201 asked: "Hey there I too also went through your whole blog at one point... great blog keep up the good work... and btw I was looking through all the Harry facts. I swear he is the man of my dreams. He is literally the guy I've seen myself with for years but I never knew him. He is an accurate description of my kind of guy, and vice versa. Where has he been all my life ahh aksjfgskfjg. Just love this blog."

Asdfg i love you, thank you!!

I know right? But back off, he’s mine. ;3

Just kidding <3

- Kristen xx

ajbouwma asked: "i seriously love your blog. like more than Niall loves food. Or Liam hates spoons. I just went through the whole thing in like 2 hours. You guys are the best!"

Awh, thank you so much! :’D <33

- Kristen xx